Online School on Functional Dentistry Based on Slavicek’s Concept

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Lesson programs:

1- Diagnostic protocol: instrumental, cephalometric analyzes, bruxchecker - Nazzareno Bassetti

2- Reference position. Working with the occlusal plane - Nazzareno Bassetti

3- Treatment planning in the Slavicek concept. Mandibular reposition - Nazzareno Bassetti

4- Therapeutic protocol OMRT Bassetti based on the concept of R. Slavicek - Nazzareno Bassetti

5- Occlusal architectonics. Part 1 - Jean-Daniel Orthlieb

6- Occlusal architectonics. Part 2 - Jean-Daniel Orthlieb

7- Digital documentation and dental photography - Ingo Roethele

8- The basic principles of R. Slavicek concept and theory and how to adapt in practically daily clinic environment️ - Ingo Roethele

9- Wax-up class I based in Prof. Slavicek concept (analog)️ - Ingo Roethele

10- Wax-up of so-called malocclusions (analog) - Ingo Roethele

11- The concept of pr. Slavicek in digital dentistry - Ingo Roethele

12- Session: Case and cast analysis - Ingo Roethele

13- Session: Waxing the sequential guidance (F2) and the esthetic points on lateral teeth - Ingo Roethele

14- Session: Finishing waxup of upper and lower molars - Ingo Roethele

15- Session: Finishing premolars and retrusivе control - Ingo Roethele

16- Principles of Condylography - Diwakar Singh, Deepti Garg

17- Interpretation of Condylography - Diwakar Singh, Deepti Garg

18- Condylar Position Variator: protocols - Diwakar Singh, Deepti Garg

19- Clinical application of Condylar Position Variator in different types of TMD - Diwakar Singh, Deepti Garg

20- Session: Finishing waxup of front teeth - Ingo Roethele



  • Nazzareno Bassetti
  • Jean-Daniel Orthlieb
  • Ingo Roethele
  • Diwakar Singh
  • Deepti Garg

20 Videos - Files Size 10 GB

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