Condylography: Recording and Analysis – Gregor Slavicek

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This is a course on condylography in the concept of Rudolf Slavicek.

You will learn how to:

  • Prepare a patient for the mandible movement recording
  • Determine the hinge axis and the reference position of the patient
  • Make a decision if the exact splint position works
  • Follow the standard protocols for mandible movements recording
  • Identify errors and artifacts during the recording
  • Describe the data received from the condylograpfy.

The course is for prosthodontists, orthodontists and functional dentists.

Course Details

Season 1:
Module 1 Condylography as part of a systematic functional analysis
Module 2 Principles of the condylographic recording
Module 3 Application of condylography. Part 1
Module 4 Application of condylography. Part 2
Module 5 Hinge axis versus rotational axis of the mandible
Module 6 Dynamic of the mediotrusive condyle
Module 7 Dynamic of the laterotrusive condyle
Module 8 The coordinate system
Module 9 Recording of the condylographic movements free, guided, manipulated, functions
Module 10 Determination of the hinge axis and definition of the reference position
Module 11 The importance of the axis-orbital plane as reference
Module 12 Condylography and the so-called chewing muscles

Season 2:
Module 1 Basic procedure for describing a condylography
Module 2 The quantity. Part 1
Module 3 The quantity. Part 2
Module 4 The characteristic
Module 5 Analysis of start and end point in relation to the reference point
Module 6 Description of the coincidence of excursion and incursion
Module 7 Description of the coincidence of different orbits
Module 8 Analysis of the symmetry in the right-left comparison
Module 9 Description of special signals
Module 10 Analysis of the so-called Bennett movement
Module 11 The key figures of SCI and TCI
Module 12 Case studies for systematic description

Presenter: Gregor Slavicek