Vertical Finish Line

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Vertical finish line geometry and soft tissue management in fixed prosthodontics: a new paradigm.

The video course by Fabio Scutellà introduces the S.P.P. (Simplified Prosthetic Protocol) for fixed prosthetic elements management, both on natural teeth and implant-supported.

Simple and swift prosthetic procedures, based on vertical margin design preparation with:

  • minimal yet accurate soft tissue management ;
  • guarantee great esthetic outcome ;
  • optimal stability of the result thanks to an easy to approach protocol where tooth preparation, provisional and blood clot management play a key role.

Video list:

  • Finish line geometry and soft tissue management in fixed tooth-supported prosthesis (37 minutes)
  • Clinical procedures: how we do SPP ? (41 minutes)
  • Fixed prosthesis on natural teeth: cases review (37 minutes)
  • Implant prosthesis: cement VS screw retained restoration. Which one promotes soft tissue thickening and log-term stability? (28 minutes)
  • Type of connection, abutment material and finish line: soft tissue response (27 minutes)
  • The abutment as key soft tissue creeping driver: convex-shaped VS concave-shaped (22 minutes)

6 Videos - Duration 3 hours and 15 min - File size 7.66 GB