Transalveolar Extraction of the Mandibular Third Molars

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This practical manual provides details on the clinical and radiographic evaluation, classification, principles of suturing and flaps, intricacies of the transalveolar surgery, newer advances in mandibular third molar surgery and complications that may be encountered during mandibular third molar exodontia. It presents vital surgical skills for the mandibular third molar exodontia in a concise and to-the-point manner. This book is a user-friendly resource for students of dentistry and maxillofacial surgery, as it brings together information from various reputable resources to one single platform for easier understanding and application.

Key Features:

  • Addresses the necessary gap in the literature with a concise yet comprehensive approach.
  • Overhauls and updates the content to provide an exam-oriented text for students of oral and maxillofacial surgery, and professionals.

ISBN: 9781032348315

Author(s): Darpan Bhargava

English | 2023 | e-ISBN: 9781003324034 | 229 pages | PDF | 149 MB