Tilted Implants: A Complete Surgical and Theoretical Guide to Tilted Implants

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This video course dedicated to the All-on-4® rehabilitation protocol.

Dr Enrico Agliardi and his team guide participants at all levels of experience through a multi-specialist training path aimed at illustrating the uses of a less invasive treatment protocol for totally edentulous patients and patients with terminal dentition.
The All-on-4® surgical and prosthetic protocols ensure reduced treatment times, minimum invasiveness and significant reduction of costs, as a result of the optimal management of the residual bone to avoid - or at least strongly limit - the need to perform bone augmentation.

The course includes theoretical videos dedicated to phonation and the contribution of guided surgery, and surgical videos on the implementation of implant-prosthetic protocols and how to manage complex cases.

The course includes:

    • 6 theoretical video lectures
    • 7 surgical video lectures

Topics covered in the course:

      • The principles behind the All-on-4® treatment concept
      • The steps involved in the All-on-4® surgical protocols in the upper and lower jaw
      • Innovative restorative approaches for the atrophic maxilla: tilted All-on-6 and zygomatic implants
      • The comparison between analog and digital workflow in immediate loading All-on-4® restorations
      • Prosthetic restoration approaches: immediate provisional restoration and final full-arch restoration

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

      • Understand the rationale and philosophy that grant success in tilted implant rehabilitations
      • Evaluate, diagnose and plan treatment in fully edentulous patients and post-extraction cases
      • Apply immediate load implant-prosthetic rehabilitation protocols and the All-on-4® protocols
      • Make provisional and definitive prosthetic restorations
      • Make the most of the practical tips and tricks illustrated in your daily practice, with a focus on pre-implant preparation, the potential of digital approaches and phonation in odontoprosthesis

13 Videos - Duration 8 hours and 41 minutes  - Files Size: 19 GB