The Biomimetic Concept: Composite Restoration Protocols

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You will learn how to make the most natural restorations according to the protocols of leading experts in the biomimetic concept.

Guided by the philosophy of this concept with the scientific background and vast experience of David Alleman and Junji Tagami, you will be able to create restorations that will last 15-20 years.

You will learn in detail:

  • Adhesive protocols
  • Methods of direct composite restoration of severely damaged teeth
  • Methods of non-invasive and minimally invasive restoration
  • Stress-reduced direct composite restoration.

Presented By: Simone Deliperi, David Alleman, Gustavo Pasarelli Petris, Joan Gubau Mach, Junji Taga

8 Lectures - Duration: 13 houres - Files size: 1.6 GB