Team Approach to Soft Tissue Management Around Teeth and Implants

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Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli’s multidisciplinary team pursuit of excellence

Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli and his collaborators introduce a cutting-edge multidisciplinary vision concerning the team management of soft tissue treatment options around natural teeth and implants.
This ReLIVE event sees the intervention of several specialists with the aim of providing participants with a modern and complete perspective of periodontal management, where multidisciplinary synergy plays a key role. Excellence can be achieved only if the whole team shares a common vision.

The course includes:

    • A theoretical section, during which each member of the team deepens the topic of competence
    • A practical section, during which Prof. Zucchelli comments on a complete pre-recorded surgery concerning peri-implant dehiscence resolution

Topics covered in the course:

      • Treatment success as a teamwork goal
      • Multidisciplinary and holistic approach to soft tissue treatment option
      • The benefits of prosthetic soft tissue management on esthetic, function and stability
      • The M.F. Techniques as a fast, minimally invasive method of complementary orthodontic extrusion
      • Convergent transmucosal implant placement and the “one abutment one time” procedure

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

      • Master modern soft tissue treatment options around teeth and implants, as well as modern approaches to gingival recession treatment, with a specific focus on the new Vertical-CAF
      • Master the best practices for single-tooth replacement in the esthetic zone
      • Deal with peri-implant defects and analyze the new classification of soft tissue dehiscence
      • Analyze the role of prosthodontics in restorative treatment after periodontal and peri-implant soft tissue surgery
      • Gain an orthodontic perspective on periodontal and peri-implant soft tissue improvement
  • Giovanni Zucchelli
  • Martina Stefanini
  • Claudio Mazzotti
  • Carlo Monaco
  • Mauro Fadda
  • Matteo Sangiorgi
  • Pietro Bellone

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Video List:

1. Soft tissues around teeth and implants
2. Innovations in the treatment of gingival recessions
3.The treatment of peri-implant esthetic defects
4. Restorative treatment after periodontal and peri-implant soft tissue surgery
5.Orthodontic treatment for the improvement of periodontal and peri-implant soft tissues
6.From programming to prosthetic realization the single implant in the aesthetic area
7.RELIVE surgery Treatment of implant dehiscence associated with gingival smile
8. Collegial discussion moderated by Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli

8 Videos - Duration 6 hours and 36 minutes - File size 13.5 GB