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Learning objectives:

  • Be able to conduct a structured patient assessment to gather details of the patient’s medical and dental history.
  • Recognize the absolute and relative general and medical contraindications for implant treatment.
  • Conduct a thorough extraoral and intraoral clinical examination, and look for site-specific factors which are relevant for implant treatment planning.
  • Be aware of success and survival rates of different treatment options to be able to discuss

1. Patient history

  • Absolute contraindications for implant placement
  • Relative general and medical contraindications
  • Smoking as a risk factor for implant therapy
  • Periodontitis as a risk factor for implant therapy
  • Combined risk factors
  • Checklist for patient history

2. Examination

  • Clinical examination
  • Radiographic examination
  •  Additional investigations
  • Summary of considerations in the patient history
    and initial examination
  • Checklist for examination

3. Provisional diagnosis and tentative treatment plan

  • Treatment options for the single tooth gap in the posterior region
  • Risks and benefits of implant treatment
  • Checklist for diagnosis and treatment plan


  • Assessing the fit of the surgical drill template
  • Closed-tray impression-taking with Standard Plus (RN) Implants
  • Final closure of the screw access holes for a screw-retained bridge
  • Final insertion of a cement-retained prosthesis on Straumannr Cementable Abutments
  • Implant surgery with Bone Level Tapered (BLT) Implants
  • Implant surgery with the Standard Plus (SP) Implant
  • Intraoral Clinical Examination
  • Maintenance visit
  • Open-tray impression-taking with Bone Level Tapered (RC) Implants
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and sterile gowning
  • Post-operative Review & Suture Removal
  • Radiographic examination using Straumannr X-ray Reference Spheres
  • Review visit - 2 weeks after the insertion of the final prosthesis
  • Study model analysis
  • Transmucosal wound closure - BLT
  • Transmucosal wound closure - SP
  • Treatment Planning with the Straumannr X-ray Template
  • Try-in of a cement-retained framework using Straumannr Cementable Abutments
  • Try-in of a screw-retained framework using the Straumannr Variobaser for BridgeBar2