Sinus Safety Management (Sinus Floor Augmentation)

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Discover this video surgery collection by Dr. Michele Jacotti that focuses on sinus surgery protocols aimed at ensuring safety to the treatment.

The didactic aim of the channel is to provide the user with a direct and immediate description of the procedures and the techniques that represent the state of the art in sinus surgery with a series of advanced cases.

The course focuses on:

  • Flap design and incision
  • Window access antrostomy design with piezoelectric technology and bony window management
  • Thin Schneider membrane detachment and management
  • Septa management
  • Bone substitutes and membranes
  • Membrane tearing management
  • Sinus lavage techniques
  • Mucosae surgical removal
  • Pseudocyst and cyst removal
  • Mycetoma surgical removal

Videos list:

1 - Sinus floor augmentation with simultaneous implant placement
2 - Management of oro-antral communication and delayed implant restoration
3 - Bilateral sinus augmentation and Underwools septa management
4 - Sinus lift after odontogenic cyst removal
5 - Bilateral sinus and nasal floor augmentation with simultaneous placement of 6 implants
6 - Surgical removal of pseudocysts in sinus floor augmentation with simultaneous implant placement
7 - Sinus floor augmentation with simultaneous placement of 2 implants
8 - Sinus floor augmentation with thin Schneider's membrane and delayed placement of 2 implants
9 - Sinus floor augmentation with simultaneous placement of 2 implants in a case of severely thick cortical wall
10 - Displacement of an implant in the sinus cavity surgical treatment
11 - Surgical management of post sinus augmentation biomaterial infection
12 - Surgical treatment of mycetoma and sinus floor augmentation
13 - Minimally invasive surgical approach to sinus pseudo-cyst removal in patient affected by a severe case of sinusitis
14 - Treatment of extensive maxillary odontogenic cyst
15 - Surgical treatment of mycetoma as 3-year post-sinus augmentation complication
16 - Vertical septum management in sinus lift procedure
17 - Sinus cyst removal and Schneiderian membrane protection
18 - Surgical management of Schneiderian membrane perforation after previous failed sinus floor augmentation

Presenter: Dr. Michele Jacotti 

18 Videos - Duration 4 hours and 28 minutes - Files Size: 10 GB