Sinus Augmentation International

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More than 20 Years of experience in Sinus Surgery always with you.

Sinus Augmentation by Dr. Pascal Valentini aims to offer immediate access to the Author's expertise in sinus surgery, allowing the practioner to avoid most pitfalls associated with sinus augmentation procedures, thanks to a thorough knowledge of sinus anatomy and the use of appropriate surgical methodology and instrumentation.

The Course comprises a deep anatomical analysis of the maxillary sinus, as well as a thorough description of the potential intra-and-post operative complications.


  • Maxillary sinus: anatomy and physiology
  • Patient selection
  • Grafting materials and long term results
  • Surgical technique
  • Prevention and management of Intra-operative complications
  • Prevention and management of Post-operative complications

6 Videos - Duration: 3.5 hoursĀ  - File size: 2.12 GB