Recessions: All Types of Flap & Tunnel Techniques

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The most complete course in the recessions treatment! All the key methods of treating this pathology are waiting for you.

Thanks to world-renowned lecturers:

  • Homa H. Zadeh
  • Leandro Chambrone
  • Ion Zabalegui
  • Roberto Carvalho da Silva
  • Mariano Sanz Alonso
  • Nelson Carranza


  • Strategy for the selection of techniques and materials for the treatment of recessions
  • Tunnel technique for single and multiple gingival recession
  • Treatment of deep (severe) gingival recessions with LAST (Laterally Stretched Flaps)
  • Pinhole technique protocol
  • VISTA technique protocol
  • Soft tissue management during implantation
  • Extraction socket management.

Video List:

1. Periodontal Plastic Surgery with VISTA Part 1
2. Periodontal Plastic Surgery with VISTA Part 2
3. Predictability of Root Coverage Procedures, Clinical Scenarios and Evidence-Base
4. Tunnel Technique for Single and Multiple Gingival Recession
5. Root Coverage Decision Tree Revisited, Tunnel or Flap Procedures
6. Localised Gingival Recessions Definition, Classification, Aetiology and Risk Factors
7. Treatment of Deep (Severe) Gingival Recessions with LAST (Laterally Stretched Flaps)
8. Coronally Advanced Flap, When a Connective Tissue Graft is Needed

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