Immediate Function and Esthetics in Implant Dentistry

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Immediate Function and Esthetics in Implant Dentistry: covers loading principles; NobelGuide concept, surgical planning, NobelGuide Zygoma implants and immediate function, aesthetic considerations, NobelGuide prostheses and avoiding complications when using NobelGuid

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This book explains the NobelGuide concept of computerized implant dentistry for immediate loading. Step-by-step protocols guide practitioners from clinical evaluation to computerized analysis, surgical planning, and prosthetic restoration. Detailed direction on both soft tissue manipulation and avoiding complications helps practitioners realize optimal esthetic results. Implant dentists and those interested in implantology will gain practical guidance in the application of this state-of-the-art technology and treatment.

Author(s): Peter K Moy, Patrick Palacci, Ingvar Ericsson

English | 2009 | ISBN: 9781850971733 | 114 pages | PDF | 9 MB