Atlas of Non-Desirable Outcomes in Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery

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  • Provides information on how to manage complications associated to cleft lip and palate surgery
  • Richly illustrated with more than 200 images
  • Represents a 25 years’ experience of the editor

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A Case-Based Guide to Preventing and Managing Complications

This book encompasses diagnostic, treatment and prevention of bad results and complications associated with cleft lip and palate surgery. Illustrated by more than 200 images and based on a 25 years’ experience of the editor, the work includes the whole spectrum of complications based on case studies, as well as management and prevention protocols. Divided in nine didactic parts, the chapters present complications related to anesthesia, lip asymmetry, scar disorders, postoperative dehiscence, secondary nose deformities besides dentoeskeletal sequels.

Atlas of Non-Desirable Outcomes in Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery will benefit plastic surgeons, pediatric surgeons, otolaryngologists, maxillofacial surgeons, head and neck surgeons, dentists and anesthesiologists.

ISBN: 9783030983994

Author(s): Percy Rossell-Perry

English | 2022 | e-ISBN: 9783030984007 | 320 pages | PDF | 30 MB