A Guide to Good Occlusal Practice (BDJ Clinician’s Guides), 2nd Edition

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  • Explains why and how GGOP differ in these disciplines
  • Meets the needs of all who wish to deepen their understanding of occlusion
  • Includes guidance relating to pediatric dentistry

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This book considers occlusion within the different disciplines of clinical dentistry, taking into account the challenges specific to each, in order to develop guidelines of good occlusal practice (GGOP). The GGOP for each discipline has benefited from an authoritative contribution of a recognised specialist in that field.  Readers will find full description of what constitutes good occlusal practice in, for example, simple and advanced restorative dentistry, removable prosthodontics, the restoration of the worn dentition and implantology. It is clearly explained why and how the GGOP differ in the various branches of dentistry, the key point being that it is the support for the occlusal surfaces that determines GGOP. One of the foundations of this work is that an occlusion can only be judged by the tissue reactions to it: there is no such thing as an intrinsically bad occlusion or malocclusion.

Today it remains the case that many dentists feel that occlusion represents an important gap in their knowledge; indeed, some qualify with little more than the belief that “occlusion is important”. Their vulnerability in this area of clinical practice is confirmed when early cases fail to go as well as hoped. In providing comprehensive guidance on good occlusal practice in different contexts, this book will be of value for a wide range of dental practitioners.

ISBN: 9783030792244

Author(s): Stephen Davies

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