Posterior Adhesive Restorations: Indications, Clinical Procedures and mDPT Techniques

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The course shows how to approach cervical lesions in an innovative, more conservative and successful way, and acts as a practical guide to the recovery of highly compromised dental elements through coronal margin relocation and integrated surgical-restorative procedures for caries and fractures.
The course provides participants with practical indications concerning the management of all operative sequences, from preparation to cementation.

Dr. Marco Veneziani's  mDPT Technique can be applied to all types of conventional adhesively cemented restorations (inlay, onlay, overlay), and paves the way for a series of newly designed restorations to draw a different line between conservative and prosthetic restorations oriented towards the minimally invasive approach.

Topics covered in the course:

      • Adhesive restorations: classification, indications and limitations
      • Direct minimally invasive techniques
      • New cavity designs in adhesive procedures
      • The mDPT Technique: grade 1, 2 and 3

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

      • Know when and how to apply new cavity designs in adhesive procedures
      • Approach cervical lesions in an innovative, more conservative and successful way
      • Exploit the potential of mDPT (Morphology Driven Preparation Technique)
      • Manage all operative sequences effectively
      • Enhance the recovery of highly compromised elements with intraoperative restorative solutions

Presenter: Dr. Marco Veneziani

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