Perio Preservation: Minimally Invasive Periodontal Therapy Options

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This course aims at pointing out the diagnostic principles that allow identifying less invasive treatment options in periodontal therapy.

In this videos you will learn a series of clinical approaches, ranging from non-surgical to minimally-invasive ones, that offer an alternative to open flap surgery, combining periodontal tissue preservation and outcome predictability.

At the end of this course you’ll be able to:

  • identify case-by-case periodontal treatment alternatives
  • make yours the advantages that minimally-invasive periodontal treatment options guarantee to the everyday activity of your practice
  • understand the true importance of a correct continuing patient-based progress evaluation in periodontal treatment.


1 - Periodontal disease treatment options: the development of non-surgical approaches
2 - Periodontal disease treatment options: minimally invasive surgical approaches
3 - Minimally invasive clinical crown lengthening
4 - Mucogingival surgery on multiple recession with collagen matrix
5 - Tunneling technique for root coverage
6 - Entire papilla preservation technique
7 - Minimally invasive approach to deep intrabony defects on elements 14 and 15
8 - Single flap approach in periodontal regeneration
9 - Periodontal regeneration in interproximal crater and papilla management with minimally invasive approach
10 - Regeneration of the periodontal interdental attachment in a Perio-Proshodontic case
11 - Soft Tissues//implants. Tunnelling with connective tissue graft
12 - Tunnelling with connective tissue graft 44-45-46
13 - CAF + Fibro-Gide matrix for single recession
14 - CAF + Connective Tissue Graft for single recession thin phenotype
15 - Tunnelling + Connective Tissue Graft for lower multiple recessions
16 - Regenerative procedure in lower furcation class II
17 - Regenerative procedure in upper furcation class II and Connective tissue graft
18 - Where are the limits in periodontal therapy

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