Occlusion in General Dental Practice

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This program provides participants with fundamental concepts of occlusion, with the aim to help dentists in their daily practice and in treating cases of simple TMJ disorders in general dental practice.

Occlusion in General Dental Practice developed with Dr. Devang Patel BDS MFGDP (MJDF) MSc Cons Dent FHEA MBA.

This course covers:

    • mounting models such as facebow records, centric relation records
    • mounting models on the articulator for occlusal assessment
    • fabrication, fitting and adjustment of a Michigan splint, a precious resource to understand occlusal scheme used for full mouth reconstruction cases
    • Occlusion in general dental practice is a course designed to ensure direct implementation of all the topics covered. This program, comprising theoretical and practical videos, will facilitate a deeper understanding of the principles at the basis of successful full mouth reconstructions.

Format Description:

    17 Lectures (12 theoretical lectures and 5 practical demonstrations) divided into 3 modules:

    • Introduction to Occlusion (Theoretical and Practical) lectures 1 to 7
    • Occlusion and TMD (Theoretical) lectures 8 to 11
    • Occlusal Splints (Theoretical and Practical) lectures 12 to 17

17 lectures  - Duration: 10 hours - File size: 35 GB