Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2020 (27 Lectures)

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This was the very first time we hosted a virtual edition of our global event, all the events and training are here to help your professional journey in treating more patients better. 

Videos List:

  1. A biological approach to implants the surgical & prosthetic keys to success - Dr Tidu Mankoo (55 min)
  2. An efficient treatment solution for edentulous mandibles - Dr. Glen Liddelow (14 min)
  3. Augmentation with guided bone regeneration and soft tissue graft - Dr. Sascha  Jovanovic (54 min)
  4. Bone grafting in implant dentistry - Dr. Alina Krivitsky (85 min)
  5. Case selection for successful implant placement - Dr. Jedediah Huss (57 min)
  6. Challenges and evolution of restoring fully edentulous - Dr. Ana Ferro (51 min)
  7. Concentrated growth factors : CGFPRF within dentistry - Dr. Jedediah Huss (62 min)
  8. Digital driven implant planning An innovative ecosystem from diagnosis to delivery - Dr. Sundeep Rawal  (44 min)
  9. Digital Implant Therapy Utilizing Current Technology - Dr. Bobby Birdi (56 min)
  10. Emerging trends in digital workflows for surgical rehabilitation of completely edentulous patients - Dr. Armando Lopes (60 min)
  11. Grow your practice through digital marketing - Bonnie Chung (42min)
  12. How to generate more dental implant patients for your practice - Ian McNickle (65)
  13. Immediate function and long-term benefits for the edentulous patients: Choosing the ideal treatment solution - Dr. Paulo Malo (37 min)
  14. Immediate Implants Ten Years Later: A Proven Concept - Dr. Tristan Staas (22 min)
  15. Incorporating Navigated Implant Placement Into a Practice-Building Digital Workflow - Dr. Ken Parrish (41 min)
  16. Incorporating the On1™ concept into your practice - Dr. Bobby Birdi (54 min)
  17. Integrating intraoral scanning technology in your practice’s digital workflow - Dr. Kim Cassity (60 min)
  18. Key factors in bone augmentation procedures from the perspective of hard and soft tissue management - Dr. Luca De Stavola (56 min)
  19. Managing Complications: Step by Step Clinical Procedure - Dr. Giorgio Tabanella  (42 min)
  20. Mastering Implant Success in the Esthetic Area - Dr. Inaki Gamborena (48 min)
  21. Modern Implant Success - Dr. Kyle Stanley (58 min)
  22. Optimizing Mucointegration™ biologically driven emergence profile - Dr. Giacomo Fabbri (58 min)
  23. Orchestration of DTX software, static guided surgery, dynamic navigation and guided prostheses for full arch and terminal dentitions patients - Dr. Alessandro Pozzi  (45 min)
  24. Surgical aspects of the MALO CLINIC protocol: From standard to Zygoma cases - Dr. Armando Lopes (58 min)
  25. The 25 most common marketing mistakes and how to fix them - Dr. Ian McNickle (57 min)
  26. The next challenges in alveolar bone regeneration - Dr. France Lambert (17 min)
  27. The Relationship Between Peri-implant Tissue and Prosthesis in the Anterior Area - Dr. Oscar Gonzalez-Martín (56 min)

27 Videos - Duration  23 hours - Files size 3 GB

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