Masters of Soft Tissue – Ziv Simon

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The Masters of Soft Tissue program gives general dentists the pillars and practical knowledge to perform soft tissue surgery. We  arm you with a system to diagnose, communicate and predictably treat recession, soft tissue defects and gummy smile cases. We are determined to get rid of confusion and dogma and at the same time give your the confidence and clarity to perform surgery with minimal overhead costs and only burs, a scalpel and 7 instruments.

In this online course you will learn

  • How to improve tissue quality- so your patients don't loose teeth prematurely and so your implants last longer.  
  • How to graft recession on single teeth so that your patients' teeth can finally look normal and esthetic and not long and old.
  • How to graft recession on multiple teeth so that you can offer an alternative to class V restorations and treat full arches in one visit.
  • How to equilibrate gum tissue prior to  esthetic cases so that your final results are framed with beautiful symmetrical tissue that adds to harmony of the final smile.

By Dr. Ziv Simon

4  Modules - 55 Training Videos