Kois Principles for Digital Planning of Prosthetic and Orthodontic Treatment

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On the course you will learn how to work in the Kois principle:

  •  Create a perfect Digital Smile design considering:
      • dental parameters
      • facial driven features
      • gingival parameters.
  •  Do aligner orthodontics according to Digital smile design treatment goal
  •  Create functional restorations on natural teeth and implants in a digital protocol.

Lecturer: Tak On Tse Ryan

Lesson programs:

1 - Smile design. Principles and sequence according to the Kois principles

2 - Facial Analysis and Smile Design based on DSD and Kois Principle

3 - Occlusion Principle in Full Mouth Rehabilitation on under Kois Principle

4 - Digital Orthodontics in Functional Esthetics

5 - Total Oral Rehabilitation on Natural Teeth in a digital workflow

6 - Total Oral Rehabilitation on Implants in a digital workflow