Key Surgical and Prosthetic Considerations for Soft Tissue Management in Immediate & Delayed implantology

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The course focuses on peri-implant soft tissue esthetics optimization around the final restorations – critical element for achieving gingival integration and esthetic success.

In these 2 surgical full footages there will be a comparison of soft and hard tissue management techniques in immediate and delayed implant placement.
The step-by-step commentary will describe both treatment alternatives from a clinical perspective, critically highlighting their respective traits in concept and management.

The different points of view offered by the images of these two high definition recordings allow you to be at the side of a world-renowned expert, learn directly from his practice, and reflect both in a prosthetic and surgical way on immediate and deferred implant loading.

In this advanced implantology course you will learn:

    • the art of compensating resorption in immediate implant placement into fresh extraction sockets: from diagnostic to detail execution
    • controlling soft tissue volume and scalloping in delayed implant placement
    • how to exploit connective tissue graft taken from the tuberosity as volume maintainer
    • soft tissue harvesting techniques
    • flap design, suture selection and techniques


    • 2 complete video surgeries, recorded in Dr. Gamborena’s Clinic with step by step commentary
    • presentation of the clinical case
    • presentation of the post-op results
    • discussion of the showed surgical approaches

Length: 5 hours and 16 minutes - File size: 11.5 GB