How To Save Teeth With Periodontal Disease

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This video course will help participants to get a deeper understanding of periodontal wound healing biology, healing time and tissue maturation phases, which play a crucial role in Periodontal therapy.

Participants will get a deeper understanding of:

    • The adequate healing time of the periodontium after non-surgical therapy
    • Phenotype-specific decision-making strategies
    • When and how exploit the synergy between antibiotic therapy and non-surgical therapy
    • Proper and effective non-surgical therapy protocols
    • Data and features that make surgery a mandatory option
    • Tooth conservation VS restoration, when a tooth may be saved or when it should to be extracted
    • Tooth mobility management
    • Bone loss - clinical approaches
    • Fracture - clinical approaches
    • Root resorption - clinical approaches
    • Furcation involvement - clinical approaches
    • Ortho-Perio multidisciplinary approaches

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Prof: Giulio Rasperini

4 VideosĀ  - Duration 4 hours and 28 minutes - File sizeĀ  GB