Full-Arch Dentistry – Implant Overdentures

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Learn Diagnosis & Treatment Planning Skills, Various Attachment Systems, and Clinical Techniques 

Interested in knowing how to best diagnosis and treatment plan patients for implant overdentures? Do you know the step-by-step processes of working with bar and Locator overdentures? Want to become familiar with the surgical applications of implant placement for overdenture treatment?

This comprehensive course covers everything you, your assistants, and your laboratory needs to know about implant overdentures! We cover the basics all the way up to the advanced level methods diagnosis and treatment planning skills, clinical techniques, and follow-up recall strategies including hygiene and maintenance.

To receive the best education possible, this course is broken down into 5 sections:

Section I: Introduction & Essential Patient Factors for Overdentures

Covering the basics of implant overdenture therapy, proper patient assessment skills, and preparing patients for full-arch dentistry.

Topics include:

  • Background, History, and Impact of Complete Tooth Loss
  • Patient Examination Skills
  • Diagnosis & Treatment Planning Concepts

Section II: Attachment Systems, Implant Options, Treatment Planning Skills

This section covers the variety of contemporary attachment systems available and the pros/cons of each of them, assessing restorative space within dentures, treatment planning the number of implants and immediate loading concepts!

Topics include:

  • Principles of Attachment Systems for Overdentures
  • The Role of Restorative Space Within Dentures
  • Implant Overdenture Biomechanics
  • Choosing the Number and Location of Implants for Maxillary and Mandibular Cases
  • Dental Implant Design, Osseointegration
  • Evaluating Options Regarding Implant Diameter & Length Options
  • Immediate Loading of Overdentures: Does it Work?

Section III: Radiographic Planning: Traditional & Contemporary Concepts

An in-depth discussion regarding various radiographic options available for clinicians to best determine bone volume for overdenture therapy including contemporary cone-beam CT scanning techniques!

Topics include:

  • Traditional Radiographic Options: PA, Panoramic, CBCT
  • Making Radiographic Guides
  • CBCT Scanning Workflows
  • Patient Preparation for CBCT Scans
  • Making CBCT Scans & Options on Machines to Ensure Success
  • "Denture-Down" Treatment Planning Concepts
  • Relining Dentures with Radiopaque PVS Material & CBCT Scanning Techniques

Section IV: Patient Preparation for Overdentures and Surgical Procedures

This section includes reviewing anatomical features of patients and how to best plan for implant overdenture surgery including instrument tray setups, equipment, and surgical techniques!

Topics include:

  • Anatomy Review
  • Instrument Choice for Surgical Procedures
  • Equipment Options
  • Preparing Patients for Overdenture Surgery
  • Surgical Techniques for Implants

Section V: Restorative Procedures, Recall & Maintenance Strategies

From start-to-finish, we cover the nuts & bolts associated with how to work with implant overdentures and the steps associated with various techniques to make restoring implant overdentures simple!

Topics include:

  • Philosophies of Restorative Techniques
  • Bar Overdentures
  • Locator Attachments
  • Locator R-Tx Attachments
  • Recall Strategies for Successful Cases
  • Implant Hygiene Protocols

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