Follow White International – Tooth Whitening

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Tooth whitening protocols: diagnosis, communication, and cosmetic-restorative therapies

The need for a white smile, which is increasingly widespread among patients, is making tooth whitening a common practice not only as a cosmetic technique, but also as a therapeutic procedure in patients undergoing prosthodontic treatments.

Dr. Roberto Turrini has been part of the Fradeani team for over 15 years. He concentrates mainly on prosthetic and restorative dentistry, and pays special attention to all aspects of tooth whitening.

This video course describes the most commonly used techniques – starting from the simplest ones carried out on vital teeth – differentiating purely cosmetic treatments (in-office or at-home) from therapeutic and endodontics ones. Great importance is given to those cases where whitening is used for prosthetic and restorative purposes. Toot whitening is not just a mere cosmetic treatment but an essential treatment in cases of fluorosis, demineralization, and discoloration.

Competences to be acquired by participants:

  • Ability to properly diagnose discolorations before starting the whitening treatment
  • Understand how the different materials and products work, and how to apply the most appropriate and effective techniques in all situations: vital and non-vital teeth, special cases, etc.
  • Propose the whitening treatment convincingly, paying close attention to cost management
  • Understand which cases can be treated and which can be managed with minimally invasive prosthetic techniques.

This video course is designed to provide all the elements necessary to understand when to propose the whitening treatment and to whom, and to perform such treatment with cosmetic, prosthetic, and restorative purposes.

Presenter: Dr. Roberto Turrini

10 Videos  - Duration  6 hours and 33 minutes - Files size: 16 GB