Degidi MasterClass: Immediate Loading

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Simplified protocols and innovative techniques for all clinical situations

Immediate Loading has become an appreciated treatment modality for rehabilitation in patients with dental implants.
This exclusive online educational program covers all aspects connected with the restoration of single and multiple units, and delves into immediate loading management in post-extractive, full-arch, partial and single rehabilitations. Three lectures are dedicated to the laboratory aspects for the construction of prosthetic shells in collaboration with lab technician Gianluca Sighinolfi.

Topics covered in the course:

      • Immediate loading: principles and technology checklist
      • Pro-shell manufacturing: analogic vs. digital technique
      • Single-tooth immediate loading protocols
      • Immediate loading protocols and techniques for partially or totally edentulous patients

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

      • Understand the biological and mechanical principles underlying immediate loading rehabilitation
      • Identify and propose the proper treatment
      • Provide information about clinical indications and contraindications
      • Refine rehabilitation skills with innovative procedures
      • Treat edentulous and partially edentulous patients through surgical/prosthetic procedures
      • Use intraoral welding to join and stabilize implants, and create conometric-retained prosthetic elements
      • Recognize, manage and solve complications

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