Ceramic Implant Application: From Single Tooth to Full Arch

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This new course focuses on ceramic implants and their application in daily practice, providing detailed video lectures with clinical videos concerning the use of zirconia dental implants in every type of implant-supported rehabilitation scenario. 

The use of zirconia in dental implant manufacturing provides a new standard in partial and complete edentulism treatment.
Dr. Dan Hagi invites you to join this dental implant revolution, and learn everything you need to know about ceramic implants.
The successful implementation in your daily practice of this technological enhancement will help you to boost patients’ satisfaction while ensuring amazing treatment outcomes.

The objective of this online course is to provide implant and perio specialists as well as general dentists with the theoretical and - first and foremost - practical skills, mandatory to rehabilitate edentulous patients with long-term, metal-free, highly esthetic implant restoration strategies.

The program provides a 360° perspective on ceramic implants, a better and deeper understanding of the relevant characteristics of the material, and a full comparison between metal and metal-free implants.
Moreover, the description of the clinical applications of zirconia implant revolves around a series of practical videos, with a special focus on the pros and limits of metal-free implantology.

The complete didactic path that composes this extensive course will guide the learner towards a total understanding of ceramic implantology, providing the user with indications concerning the successful introduction of metal-free implantology in the daily practice, and how to correctly propose these solutions to the patients.

Discover the 18 detailed lectures reviewing:

    • zirconia characteristics
    • biology and application
    • implant surgery protocols
    • prosthetic protocols
    • management of complications
    • long term follow-up and maintenance.

Competences to be acquired by participants 

    • Understand the advantages and rationale of ceramic implants
    • Treatment planning strategies, with specific focus on biomechanics, predictability and longevity
    • How to take advantage of both One-piece and Two-piece ceramic implants
    • Prosthetic technique application and restorative digital workflow
    • Recognize and deal with both surgical and prosthetic complications
    • Learn the secrets behind the successful introduction of ceramic implants in your practice from an economic viewpoint

Presenter: Dr. Dan Hagi

18 Videos - Duration  11 hours and 19 minutes - Files Size: 26 GB