CBCT for Implant Dentistry ( 3Parts)

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This course will move your 3D diagnostic skills in the area of implant dentistry to the next level. Review the systems and anatomy viewed on a CBCT scan one structure at a time using radiographic images and graphic representations. Understand clinical relevance of each anatomic structure along with how variations of these structures can affect the your diagnosis and treatment plan.


  • Understanding CBCT Technology
  • Radiographic anatomy of the maxilla, mandible and osteomeatal complex
  • Alveolar process morphology variation and their effect on implant analysis


  • Anatomy related errors
  • The process of disuse atrophy and how it changes the position of the crest of the ridge
  • Evaluating the implant site with the occlusion and function in mind
  • The process of osteointegration and how this relates to radiographic evaluation
  • Treatment planning around pathology


  • Practical CBCT

Presenter:  Dania Tamimi

3 Videos - Duration 4 hours and 20 minutes - Files size 700 mb

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