Biological Bone Augmentation

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In this course you will learn the powerful BBA Concept (Biological Bone Augmentation) and the Split bone technique of Prof. Fouad Khoury, ranging from the protocol of ┬┤Safe Bone Harvesting from the External oblique Line` up to advanced lateral bone augmentation even in very compromised cases.

Overall we will also cover the soft tissue management - together 6 techniques - like the palatal pedicled flap, the Kazanjian Vestibuloplasty, palatal pedicled flap and many more to get maximum reliable results.

Learning objectives

  • How to become a REAL BONE BUILDER and how to use the Power of Nature for almost 100% predictable results.
  • How to decide with clear Guidelines, when exactly you should use which technique.
  • How to inspire your patients to choose Vital and osteo-inductive material over any other material.
  • Why you never have to have sleepless nights before Re-entry, because you never have to work again with too sophisticated or NOT reliable methods.
  • Why this concept may be the last concept you need to learn - after your long journey for finding the most predictable technique.

This course will review current concepts in implantology-augmentative techniques: BBA Concept and Split Bone Technique by Dr. Khoury.
This paves the way for a very in-depth coverage of all the aspects of the techniques proposed, with strong and positive impact on the learning effectiveness of the resource.

Video list:

1- The CCARD Classification
2- Safe bone harvesting from the external oblique line
3- The Kazanjian Vestibuloplasty
4- Complication treatment
5- Rehabilitation of the atrophied maxilla
6- The Esthetic Zone

6 Lectures (11 videos) - Duration 5 hours & 15 min - File Size 10 GB