Atraumatic Exodontia: Principles, Concepts and Techniques

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Dr Dale Rosenbach provides interesting, useful, meaningful, no-nonsense information.

He is an engaging speaker who teaches with humor and energy. This lecture series covers many topics related to periodontics, implant dentistry and adjunctive surgical procedures.

They cover various aspects of patient care in many different ways.

  • Soft Tissue preservation
  • Hard Tissue preservation
  • Maintaining Vs Regaining
  • Patient visits/chair time
  • Duration of treatment
  • 3-12 months for ridge augmentation
  • Difficult to re-establish periodontal architecture
  • Soft/hard tissue donor site
  • You need more grafting
  • Tension-free closure
  • Periosteal release
  • Consideration of anatomic landmarks
  • Keratinized tissue
  • Post-operative infection
  • Failure to integrate
  • Cost of treatment

7 Lectures  - 6 hours - File size 3.2 GB